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Fennel, orange and cinnamon shortbread


The test kitchen is getting a good workout at the moment.  The lavender cupcakes yesterday, and this morning was shortbread with another sweet spice blend of fennel seeds, orange peel powder and cinnamon.  I just want to see how versatile the sweet spice blend can be, and it is proving itself handsomely.  A teaspoon or tablespoon, depending on your preference, will transform your original recipe into a different flavoured treat.  My Father-in-Law is originally from Scotland, loves his sweets and especially his Licorice.  This shortbread then, should really mark the spot.  I made two deliveries, one to my Dad who enjoys his sweets also.  I am now waiting in anticipation for some feedback.  My own thoughts is that it is a wonderful combination.  I have never worked with either fennel seeds or orange peel powder, and evidently they have a lot of character.  The orange peel powder is nothing like orange peel zest, in fact it seems like it is not there, and after a few minutes becomes the after taste.  I have had the flavour of sweet orange on my pallet since I tried the shortbread.  Next time, I would probably add a few flaked almonds into the recipe.  All in all, this sweet spice blend concept is working and I look forward to making it available in Port Moresby.


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