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Raw granola topped with matcha green tea chia seed pudding

breakfast for 2

I called this breakfast for two, because the muffin would appeal to the not so health conscious person (although it does contain chia seeds), and the granola to the contrary.  Breakfast is so important to start the day, and I am trying to reduce dairy where I can because it makes me feel less bloated, so I will have a coffee with milk, but my granola will be soaked for a few hours in almond milk.  This granola is great because it is completely raw.  The granola contains oats and all sorts of great nuts and seeds and cacao nibs and black sesame seeds.  The chia seed pudding is made from coconut milk, pure green matcha tea powder and orange zest.  This pudding will sit in little jars for the entire week to be consumed on its own, or with yoghurt or granola.  I would normally give this to my little one in his custard but because I added green tea, I would prefer not to give it because green tea boosts the metabolism and for those of you that know him, he doesn’t need this at all.  I would normally give my son chia seed pudding made with nut butters and raw cacao and he doesn’t even know how good it is for him.  Happy Monday everyone, and thank you for following my blog.  I can tell you there are super exciting things coming up over the next few months. X


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