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Chocolate, coconut and Chia Seed muffins

chocolate coconut chia seed pudding

I have not had one.. yet… but I may consider it for dessert after my Tabata session this afternoon.  This muffin is appealing to both the naughty and good in everyone.  The chia seeds and coconut are healthy, we all know this and chocolate is as well, but in this context the chocolate is the naughty little pleasure as they are the sweetened milk chocolate bits.  I could have done the raw cacao powder and raw cacao nibs and dark chocolate because it can all be bought locally now, and because I have loads of it in my fridge / pantry, but the reality is that the boys in my household don’t want everything to be totally healthy!  My little one took a muffin to school with him this morning… he wanted to eat it before going to school, 1. because he didn’t want to go to school and 2. because he saw those chocolate chips and wanted to pick them off straight away (chocolate has no time zones with my boy).  When it comes to muffins for toddlers, one thing I have learnt with my little one, is to have all the toppings at the top and not mixed into the batter, most kids eat the tops any way and struggle to get through the whole thing, doing it like this at least I know he will eat a little more because they are concentrated at the top – if he only saw one chocolate chip at the top, he would stop there.  The chia seeds and dessicated coconut are plentiful and put through the whole batter.  This is my own recipe adapted from a basic muffin recipe which you can add your own flavours and play around with the different sugars and flours.  Hmmmmm the joys of baking and experimenting.


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