Just some more talk about protein…


I love working out and I especially love that protein smoothie when I am done, the protein is essential for muscle repair when you are doing exercises like Tabata and weight training.  My exercise routine consists of 2 tabata sessions per week (or more if I have friend requests :)), 3 cardio sessions and weight training 3 times a week.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to do, I lead a busy routine but I make time for exercise.  It’s easy just to take your protein shake as is with water, but why not make that effort and add the extras that your body needs like iron from Kale and anti-oxidants from raw cacao.  Someone asked about buying protein in Port Moresby and I have seen it at the Waterfront chemist, but admittedly I bring mine back from Australia because I am very picky with what I take and I am very loyal to Shape by Josh Mills, I find it works well for me, has the right flavour and ticks all the boxes i.e. low in carbs, grass fed protein, natural, preservative free, no synthetic or artificial nasties… If anyone is interested, please do contact me by email (check my home / about page for my address) and with enough interest we may be able to get it here locally.


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