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Piggies in blankets

piggies in a blanket

We stopped in at Mity Meat Haus over the weekend and I was scanning the shelves for some new and interesting bites I could put into school lunches or for snacks or antipasto when visitors come over, and I found these mini smoked cheese Kransky’s.  I bought a packet just to try.  They are delightfully tasty and the perfect size, and as you can see, they were very snug in their pastry blankets.  The boys had them for breakfast, before I tucked some away into my little one’s lunch for school today.

I always like to pre-cook sausages even though they may be smoked, just to heat through and get the flavours going.  I lightly fried them in a non stick pan and rolled them in puff pastry with tomato sauce, I brushed the tops lightly with butter and sprinkled with sweet paprika.  Perfect for a growing energetic toddler.

I look forward to more interesting flavours from the Meat Haus.  Everything we have tried so far, has sent us going back to buy more.


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