It’s time to SPICE things up… Project Foxy Blends.

png spices

Imagine a world without colour.  Colour to our eyes, is like spice and flavour to our taste buds.  Today I was lucky enough to be given a tour of a spice factory, from seeing the raw elements of turmeric and chilli and other spices, to seeing them dehydrated and then processed.  The spices are naturally bush grown, no fertilisers and no pesticides and as far as I can see, it’s the start of a wonderful industry for the local growers.  What you see in my mortar and pestle, is freshly processed turmeric, peppercorns, birds eye chilli flakes, native cinnamon and a gorgeous bundle of ‘b’ grade vanilla.  Buyers and consumers all over the world are seeking spices naturally grown and simply processed like this and pay top dollar, and we have it right at our finger tips.  One of my projects this year is to start a line of spice blends made from organic herbs and spices from overseas, and finely marrying them with locally naturally grown spices of PNG.  I was also very lucky to visit a chocolate factory which I hope to work with in producing some unusual, interesting and delectable flavours.  The little bar of dark chocolate I had today which literally just came out of the mould, was incredibly creamy and perfectly bitter.  Today was an exciting and inspiring day.


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