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Muscle recovery and anti-aging in one smoothie.

whey protein

I take 100% natural whey protein in a smoothie after most workouts, mainly for muscle repair and growth… yes growth.  A lot of women are afraid of muscle growth, but if you gain more muscle you will in fact lose more fat, providing your diet is moderately clean and portioned appropriately.  In between my Tabata and cardio sessions, I have started working with weights again and consciously increasing my weights as my strength becomes better, and I am noticing a considerable change in my fitness levels and my clothes are fitting better.  I strongly recommend weight training for weight loss.  The protein shake is a real treat and something I look forward to, and this is as far as it goes with me and supplements.  Today’s smoothie was deliciously simple with frozen pineapple and banana chunks, So Good coconut and almond milk, a scoop of Shape (by Josh Mills) protein powder, and once blended, I topped it with a heaped spoonful of pure Acai berry powder for a bit of tang and a bit of anti-aging and wellness.


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