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Roast garlic & avocado hummus

roast garlic hummus

Nutty, creamy, thick and moreish.  Hummus is so easy to put together, and I usually use original recipes as good foundations, and tend to add my own little twist to it.  Avocado has been wonderful this season from my mother-in-laws tree, and we are just going through the last of the crop.  I threw in half an avocado which added a slight green tone to the dip and it also added extra creaminess.  The dip was photographed here with sesame bread sticks which are plentiful at Waterfront in the section where you find gluten-free crackers and the like, but I made some chilli and rosemary pita chips from wholemeal pita bread, and the pita bread is also found at Waterfront.  The dip was sprinkled with dried chilli flakes and a handful of organic parsley from our herb garden.  A perfectly wholesome and nutritious pre-dinner appetizer great for adults and kids.  We were invited to dinner last night with friends and took this as a ‘thank you’ gesture for the invitation.


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