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The garden project is now blooming with super green, crispy lettuce, baby basil both green and purple, mesclun, parsley and dill.  It’s a real joy being able to make meals from the fruits of your own labour, and of course with help from the little hands and feet in the red boots.  My little helper only likes to ‘cut’ things, so he is very good at harvesting.  The best thing about this garden project is eating fresh garden produce that is 100% organically grown.  Some of the herbs were literally thrown onto the soil without any labelling, and as they have been sprouting, I have been pulling at the leaves to taste them to see what they are, you would not be able to do this in a garden using pesticides and fertilisers and so forth.  My theory is… harvest as often as possible to keep the crop growing healthy, and also to avoid the insects and this is no problem at all in a household that loves salads.


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