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Load up, we have a special delivery!

nutfree muffins

My little one is obsessed with forklifts at the moment and I wanted to surprise him with a special load today.  This is a high energy snack, perfect for school lunches and it is very healthy with fresh grated carrot, apple, and oats, and it’s also nut-free and perfectly fine to slip into the lunch box.  This is my own recipe and I can confirm that it’s not just a great snack for the kids, adults will love it as well.  The batter is unusually runny for a muffin or cup cake, but trust me it works.  It is a moist cake that can be frozen, but you may not have any left to freeze.  I had a brief chat with a friend this morning, who mentioned wanting to do more healthy lunch box snacks for toddlers, this post is dedicated to my friend and I hope her kids enjoy them, although they may have to be served by barbie dolls and not a forklift 🙂


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