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The shred (or I like to call it the Clean meal eating plan) Day 3 of 7


How can one shred like this?  The meals are great!!  Husband may disagree and is always asking what the next meal is as soon as he has just eaten one, but the reality is you will not go hungry on this diet because there are 6 meals – yes per day, not per week!  We are simply hungry for the foods that we just aren’t getting right now.  I am craving chocolate, but I am not missing anything else.

I think a lot of people are scared to do shred / clean eating plans because of the limitations, but in fact the variety of foods are quite broad and it doesn’t have to be all about three sections of a plate.  Today’s salad included everything I was allowed to have, protein (lean beef & Feta), 1/2 cup carbohydrates (wheat), good fats (avocado) 1 cup of vegetables (lettuce, tomato, cucumber).  It comes down to a bit of good planning and creativity.  At times I do feel as though I am over eating because I don’t normally eat 6 times a day, but it is designed to kick start the metabolism.  It’s also wonderful because it’s still possible to eat out on this plan, it just come down to knowing what you can and cant eat, and having that mental picture of the portions.

Why am I doing this you might ask?  Because weight management is 30% exercise and 70% food and drink consumption.  I also think it’s important to cleanse the system and keep changing the gears.  You may or may not lose body fat on this eating plan, either way it’s good to keep the metabolism challenged.  We have made a decision to do this once every quarter – what is 7 days?


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