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The FTG Energy Bar – Super tasty and loaded with nutrition.

oat bars

I woke up early this morning thinking of a friend who I know will appreciate this tasty bundle of goodness, I am hoping to make a delivery this morning some time while they are fresh.  These bars are jam packed with protein, fibre and ‘good’ carbs – nuts, raw oats, dates, coconut and sesame seeds and they perfectly marry with a hot cup of coffee or tea.  The bar holds together with a slushy mix of honey and peanut butter (mine was a blend of cashew and peanut butter – any nut butter will do), and is lightly baked to mould everything together, they are cut while still warm but do harden up to become crunchy bites.  These are a perfect energy hit for mid morning or mid afternoon and can be stored in the fridge for weeks.  The recipe is very versatile and ingredients can be substituted if you have different tastes, or if you cant find certain ingredients.  I will post the recipe for this shortly, it takes 30 minutes of your time, and makes up to 28 good sized snacks.


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