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Chia pudding with fresh Mango

chia seed pudding with mango

This is the left over Chia seed pudding which I cant seem to get enough of.  Eating it with fresh mango reminds me of an Asian dessert that is served with sticky rice and coconut milk.  Chia Seeds are very healthy, they are high in Omega 3 and very high in dietary fibre, it is also a good source of protein so perfect for those that work out a lot.  Ingredients to make Chia seed pudding can be found locally, depending on what kinds of things you enjoy.  Chia Seeds are found at Waterfront, as is raw cacao and almond milk.  The Chia seeds are available in 500gm packs, the only down fall is that it is quite pricey, but if you look at the amount of seeds you need at any one time, the packet can make many puddings and smoothies.  Chia Seeds can be consumed in so many ways, you can sprinkle then on your sweet or savoury salads for texture, you can put seeds through your cake and bread recipes and so on.  The pudding is my favourite way of preparing and enjoying this wholesome little seed, I also enjoyed spooning it from our new wooden bowls.


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