Eating In / Entertaining

Homemade & Homegrown

corncakes & salad

I wanted to borrow some color from the rainbow today.  We hosted a BBQ for family and friends this evening – it was all about home made and home grown.  The shared platter in this feature included a honey carrot salad with red lentils and home made garlic Labneh and fresh beetroot chips.  The leaves in the green salad were proudly snipped from my son’s organic lettuce patch and the corn cakes added a nice touch especially for the kids, these were made from mashed potato, corn, cheese and spring onions.  The other salad was roast pumpkin and cauliflower, pearl barley, pistachios and was dressed with a blended basil oil.  My favourite eat for the night was kindly brought over by a good friend and it was a chia seed pudding with almond and raw cacao.  I made sure to leave some for my breakfast tomorrow morning to enjoy with oats and frozen berries.  How did you spend your Saturday night?


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