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Growing your own Salad

mung bean seeds

Mung beans are so perfectly round and green in color, they are little storage units of energy waiting to burst open.  I have been inspired by a good friend to grow my own Mung bean sprouts in the kitchen using just water and a container, this is also the friend I mentioned that makes the best ‘chia’ seed pudding I have ever tasted.  If you can grow your own salad ingredients, why wouldn’t you?  I am not sure how other seeds would go, but Mung Bean apparently grow easily indoors.  Firstly soak the beans in warm water for 24 hours, changing the water half way if required.  Following day, rinse and drain the beans and place in a container of some sort and let them activate.  Rinsing and draining a few times a day while they are sprouting, may be required.  Mung beans can be bought at Vision City in the RH Supermarket, you will find them in the food / legume section.  If you do not eat sprouts, it is still a great activity to do especially for kids.


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