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Your turn to host?

Chocolate chip scone

Hosting morning tea or breakfast for a group of friends?  This is probably the easiest scone recipe I have made that does not require a cutter and kneading and cutting and dusting etc. etc.  I say 1 scone for 8, but it could be 1 scone for 6 or 4, these are so deliciously soft on the inside with a mild crunchy exterior, that your friends may need another.  Make a batch of scone dough, add a few interesting flavours and textures, shape it into a large disc on some parchment paper, cut and bake!  Apart from being one of the easiest things I have baked, it is also very plate worthy… looks like it was more effort than it really was!  This morning I made a cinnamon and dark chocolate chip dough, you can add anything you like such as coconut or dried fruit, lemon or orange zest, nuts and the list is as long as you want it to be.  Put the scone on an old wooden chopping board with a serrated knife and let your guests cut their own scones.  For the condiments, you could do a whipped butter with dessicated coconut and maple syrup, or a bowl of crème fraiche with chopped fresh strawberries, or what about just a big tub of Nutella?


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