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Mungbean noodle Salad… FTG

mungbean noodles

Decided to prepare dinner in advance during lunch hour and was all done in about 20 minutes, although I have declared that since starting FTG I have become more efficient and the pantry is better prepared.  I made twice the amount of dressing, thinking that we may do another salad with different ingredients throughout the week.  The picture is the salad itself, the dressing is waiting patiently and developing taste in the fridge and will be poured over just before eating.  So you can imagine this colourful shredded goodness smothered later in sesame oil, fresh lemon juice, rice vinegar, soy sauce and coconut sugar and fresh garlic and ginger grated to a pulp.  Not only do I love the look of colourful salads, I know that colors indicate freshness and lots of nutrition.  The mungbean noodles are delightful, they are gluten free if you’re into that, but I mainly love them for the texture and also because I get enough rice during the week that I really don’t need to have rice noodles in my salad.  I said I would have more variety in my diet this year… This salad is not from a recipe book, it’s what was available in our fridge and on the shelves at the supermarket and all ingredients are sourced locally.  And no this is not the only thing for dinner… my other half needs meat.  You can eat this salad with anything, tonight we are coupling it with roasted pork loin, the leanest part of the pork which has less fat than chicken breast would you believe?


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