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Poached chicken with Aioli, red onion, apple and salad…


Chicken poached in a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, bay leaves and pepper corns… What to do with it?  Throw it in a salad as is, or mix it with a bit of apple, red onion and aioli and add it to a wrap (ours is wholemeal) with anything fresh and crunchy!  Pictured here was our Sunday lunch at home, everything was already prepared, the grated cheese came from a packet… the avocado just had to be split open and chopped, and the carrot was in a container already grated and waiting to be used.  Wraps are always in the freezer ready for quick lunches like this.  If you have the basic ingredients in your panty, fridge and freezer, you can make amazing meals in the quickest time.  The poached chicken is a great idea because you should always make enough for a couple of days worth and it can be eaten and prepared in so many different ways.  The chicken is matched well with celery and nuts, it can be shredded and used on the wrap like a pizza with other toppings.  So many ways with just a few basic items.


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