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Sweet & Salted Nuts with Chili, Cumin, local PNG Pepper & Sugar


These are some of the most decadent and moreish crunches I have ever tasted.  I wanted to explore the combination of sweet and salt flavours again, but this time with nuts.  I have loads of raw nuts in the pantry that I normally use for my protein bliss balls.  These nuts can also be done with already roasted nuts of your choice, but having them raw to begin with allows for extra cooking time in the oven.  So my spice blend comprised Chili and Cumin Powders, Himalayan Salt and some PNG grown and manufactured Pepper and Natural Sugar.  The spices were mixed together before adding to the nuts with the sugar syrup.  I will post this recipe in time with the release of my spice blends.  And don’t be scared of the Chili!  There is no heat in these nuts, just loads of flavour, for that extra heat, you would add Chili flakes and seeds.  These are a must to try at home because it is a super easy and would make an amazing snack with drinks, of even a sprinkle over a salad.


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