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Sunday lunch at home

falafel wrapIt was my third and final attempt to make falafel today.  Falafel should be soft and fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside and previous attempts were failures.  I decided to throw away the 20 recipes I had collected and go with a few basic concepts of cooking and added all the spices I wanted to taste, and the fresh herbs I had on hand.  The mixture part is easy, it’s the cooking technique which is not so straight forward because this is where they usually fall apart.  So I did the complete opposite to what the recipes say, and the end result was perfect for me, wrapped in a multigrain tortilla with home grown lettuce and avocado (we have been waiting 12 months for these avocados to drop), and a mixture of sour cream and tahini.  I could eat this everyday for lunch and now so could my Husband!


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